Do you want a daily reminder of the life and business you are creating for yourself? 

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In case you are new to switching out your cell phone background wallpaper, no worries! I am here to walk you through it! It’s simple to do if you just follow these easy steps: 

1. From your cell phone, save whichever digital wallpaper design that you want (they will come in your email) by tapping and holding on the photo of the design. Choose ‘save image’, and it should save right into your photo album on your cell phone. Just follow the directions your phone gives you!  

2. Go into your phone settings, click on wallpaper, and then ‘choose a new wallpaper’.  

3. Find the design you love on your camera roll, select by clicking it, adjust to your liking and then click on the ‘set’ button.  

4. It will then ask if you want to ‘set lock screen’ or ‘set home screen’ (maybe, perhaps, you’d like to do both). If you want to see it every time you look at your phone, then choose lock option. If you were to choose the ‘home screen’ option it will show up behind your icon buttons on your phone – just FYI.  

About Brooke

Brooke Schultz is an online business coach, also known as The Happiness Entrepreneur. After completing her Master’s Degree in Marriage & Family Therapy as well as receiving extensive training in Mental Health Counseling, she started applying for jobs but something just didn’t feel right…the 9-5 hours limiting how many clients she could serve, the restricted salary, and the strict rules to adhere to…she knew she was destined to create a bigger impact.  

Brooke's mission is to help and support women entrepreneurs who want to build thriving businesses around their lives, not the other way around!

This FREE digital wallpaper designs are for personal use ONLY and CANNOT be sold or claimed as your own design. By downloading and using this design, you are agreeing to these terms.