365 Days of Happiness

This 365-Day E-Journal includes:  

  • A journal prompt for every day to encourage and support your journaling desires 
  • The tools you need to build consistent performance
  • Direction for taking your amateur journaling to pro status in no time 
  • Clear and consistent ways for you to incorporate journaling into your daily life without the hassle and struggle 
  • Ways to enjoy journaling again (or maybe for the first time ever) 


NOW ONLY: $19.99


Brooke Schultz, M.Ed., Ed.S.

Brooke Schultz is an online business coach, also known as The Happiness Entrepreneur. After completing her Master’s Degree in Marriage & Family Therapy as well as receiving extensive training in Mental Health Counseling, she started applying for jobs but something just didn’t feel right…the 9-5 hours limiting how many clients she could serve, the restricted salary, and the strict rules to adhere to…she knew she was destined to create a bigger impact.  

Brooke's mission is to help and support women entrepreneurs who want to build thriving businesses around their lives, not the other way around!